What I Do

A little about what I do.


Lines – colours – geometry Capture the moment, read between the lines, see the beauty in everything


High sense for clients‘ wishes and sensitive feeling for your look. Quick workflow and always perfect quality.  


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You want to see the world through my eyes? I am as wildtwuchs on instagram

HomeStagers & More goes IHK

HomeStaging Seminare ab April 2015 in Zusammenarbeit mit der IHK Dortmund.   In einem zweitätigen Basic-Expert-Kurs vermitteln wir Ihnen die wichtigsten Inhalte zum Thema HomeStaging -> hier geht’s zur Anmeldung wer sind wir? -> HomeStagers&More weitere Infos und Anmeldung hier ->  April & November

HomeStagers & More

Our new baby is born: www.homestagersandmore.com Together with Martina Zelmer (Dipl. Designer) I offer a new merchandising tool for private people, broker, property developers and hotels/gastronomy.